"Revenge is a  dish best served cold"

SHaryn Bovat that 's  what my mom taught me 

After being jailed, harassed, slandered & WORSE (my  child bullied in the Williamson County Schools & Mike Looney knew & didn't do a damn thing the NISSAN whistleblower is MAD & will get her day to show the world (or at least the DOJ why they need to do a RICO case (one that Sharyn went to a meeting about in 2011) & Kim Helper, Matt Largen, Scott Becker, Mark Stout, Marlin Chapman, Rob Traynham, Andrew Tavi, Terry Wood, Brigid Carpenter (Baker Donelson) & a lot more are gonna be "highlighted" in a new blog TheCubeConspiracy.com Sharyn was promised Justice "if" Hillary did not win.  Turns out the NISSANLeaf fraud connected to the 2010 Stimulus is linked to the Clinton Foundation & Clinton Global Initiative.  

Sharyn Bovat is getting vindicated & then she's gonna INSIST Williamson County make some changes.